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kuching oh kuching

hais... Just now went to visit my Uncle at Lions nursing home. He had a stroke many years ago and his body paralyzed on the left side. Everytime I go see him I feel so down. He was not married when he had the stroke. A heavy smoker and a heavy drinker. And everytime anyone goes to visit him, he gets all teary eyed. hais...

It was kind of bringing me down after the visit so I decided to take a slow drive back to work. And would you know it, kuching drivers really bully those who drives slow. From the original bully to the wanna be's. I some how noticed (not that I'm dissing any group of drivers in particular) that a fair amount of lady drivers, can't seem to really handle their car well, with talking on the cell phone, smoking and also driving at the same time. They change lanes without thinking about others and basically do what they like. Then later on I was nearly side impacted by this lady driving a kenari, this particular lady was on her cell phone chit chatting happily and came into my lane from the right. o.O I'm like 'Oi! My bloody white car invincible wan isit ???' (in my head) it kind of ticked me off, that I stopped my car in the road and I tried to see who was driving so irresponsibly. Turns out, a leng lui. Hais, when guys see leng lui, everything also okay already. Then I realised I am turning into a road bully, by protesting the way she drives by stopping the car in front of her. To make it worse, I was driving my mom's car. Aduh! Even when I'm driving my own car, I also never do this sort of thing. So just to clear my conscience I am saying GOMEHNASAI! To all the cute lady's driving irresponsibly on the road. I will try and not drive slow again. As by doing it I am running a risk of being bullied and crashed into my the good citizens of Kuching.