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newest blog...

Okay, finally I'm here. After years of avoiding blogs I am here. Honestly speaking, I have been bloggin on Multiply and MSN for about a year.. at least. But now, I have have arrived at blogger.com. Which is a proper blog, I would assume it so.

I will try and not to post things like 'oh I have a life, and I have eating blablabla today and here is a picture for you and no you cannot have a bit of it :P' kind of blog. What I will try to do, is update at least once a week (yeah tried that with personal homepages in 1994, didnt work). About... stuff. Maybe my car or something. I have been spending quite a fair amount of $$$ on it for the past 14 months that I lose track of how much I have spent. Sounds like a plan, I'll blog about my car and how expensive things are. And you can read all about it :P Oh JOY.

Then, I'll be blogging about somephotos that I took, or will take or something of that sort too. I have an account at flickr.com which I have totally forgotten that I had until last night. And I have been feverishly uploading photos to it. Only to realize you can only create 3 folders on a free account. *doh!* but I think it will be reset to zero at the begining of every month? *hopefully*

But seriously, why now? I am actually testing out a new browser called FLOCK. No really. It is called F L O C K. And you can find it at www.flock.com. Oh and its only at developer preview, so if you don't mind things crashing and not working you can have a go at it. Its core is from firefox(mozilla.org) and its suppose to be good. Flock is suppose to integrate everything into one supper duper browser, where blogging, photo galleries and bookmarking everything is done easily without opening multiple windows or browsers and such. I just install it like 5 mins ago, so I wont know what's the reliability like now.

Yah.. So its like that. If you wanna you can come back, or book mark me page, or what ever u do with blogs.

Go blogs~! Its the answer to everything !!! It can save the world!