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Chinese New Year 2012 is over!

Last nite was the final night (officially ending Chinese New Year celebrations). Its tradition to have dinner with loved ones and after that, play some fireworks. I had my epic dinner at my uncles place and then went home to find many people are posting photos of fireworks online in facebook. So I decided to shoot some as well. I had some fireworks left lying about from a decade ago, so I gave it a few clicks. 

Me trying to be different. Everyone else was shooting the sky and city scape, I'm low on the ground about meters away. So close you can feel the blast.

Boom! This was my 2nd try! after that it kinda went south.

I had plant my D300+80-200 on my tripod. Prefocused. Lit the fuse, ran back to the camera and started hitting the shutter. This is one of the moments where your glad that your camera is capable of MORE THAN 3 frames per second.

After 3 more tries, I was sweating like a madman. tired. I guess I had too much food! I did try to shoot vertical but the weight of the camera+lens combo kind of messed up the rubber on the bottom of the camera. I guess I would have gotten a decent shot I had someone to help me light the fuse. 

Any takers?


[Gears: Nikon D300, 80-200]




Lasers & Lightning ! 2012 has arrived!

First off, Happy new year dear readers! I hope you had as much fun as I did for the count down last night!

Actually I was working. Taking photos at Pargon X3 last night. Me and Desmond finished shooting around 3am. And when we got out we notice something, still on going. 


We saw it when we arrived at Travillion. But didn't expect it to last so long. So we decided to go try and catch lightning. I have never done so, and didnt know whats the setting like. Dont even know how to process the images correctly hehe! Maybe Im just tired and blur.

Photo is a bit blur as I had to crop away the foregound. I didnt have a tripod, so had to leave the camera at the edge. Desmond got 3 really full exploding lightning. All mine was, shy and not present! haha! Does that spell the luck of my year for 2012?

This was my better shot of the night. But it was more majestic and scarier actually. Intense power of the lightning was amazing. 

This was the last, lightning I got. A small one. Desmond had alaready packed up his tripod and was ready to go. I'm jealous, hehe he got 2 really awesome light display. But I guess I will have to be content with what I have ya? 

Anyways, we were shooting for about 40 mins and then head to Petanak Market for our 1st meal of 2012 at 430am hehe

By the time I reached home and got to bed it was already 5+. Ah... What a wonderful night!


2012 is here! May your year be filled with fun, joy and awesomeness!


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]




BCCK Ramadan Buffet is Back

They say its Bigger and Better compared to last year, Hmm.. I have no idea but it is definately BIG. It starts from 5th to 26th August 2011. So if you have not been there, its definately worth the drive down there. There was about roughly 100 items for everyone to taste but the menu will be rotated on a weekly basis on every friday. 

This is the entrance to the great hall where the management had ushers guide the dinner guests to their respective tables. Very well thought and organised. I missed the mad rush of people because I arrived late (again!). If you must know, I had some car troubles about 100kms away. 

Impressed with the layout and decor. Purple is the new black ?

I really like this. It is basically to showcase what they can do for weddings and other functions. Smart. 

Buffet area. 



For me, this was the best dish available.


From another angle~ 

Kolomee? dang, Im getting more and more hungry! 

This was what I started off with. The beef was exceptional. No complains! Then there was just a flow of too much food which I cant even recall what I had as I was pretty tired and slightly blur.


More desert~

Chocolate fondue anyone?

Cake anyone?

more cakes!

While this is only for display, its still nice to see... this is not color corrected, straight off the camera!

... it was really GOOD!!!

Our table~

Nice to catch up with the rest for a nice dinner again~ woot! So if your interested for some delicious buffet and want to give BCCK a try, do make reservations to avoid dissapointment! 

Its RM 65 nett for adults and RM 25 nett for children aged between 5-12 years old. Call 082-392 889 from 9am to 6pm daily.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]



Secret Birthday Party...

... which failed. But there was still a lot of cake and a lot of food and a lot of fun! Last week Daphne was asking if we (me and friends) would like to help her celebrate her dear's birthday party by giving him a surprise party. So we all gathered the peoples, and tried our best to surprise him. Well, lets just say things didn't go according to plan =) half of it did. 

Yes  I know all the photos color balance is out, I am lazy, can or not ?

Below is a 3 minute video clip mashed up by me. Hit play then pause it for the video to load, come back up and view when its done :P

Suppose to be one cake, then turn to two and three ;)

George's moves when he finally came up :P

Well at least he was quite surprised that there  were so many cakes!

Candle that almost died~ :P

Cutting of cake

Playing with his 'cameracake'

I think I have a better shot in my compact camera.. but still have not take out yet =.=

George with his actual camera ~ 


Foosi talking with Gladys

wants some cake

Desmond eats Cecilia's cherry, Foosi gets angry

Satisfied face.  Who said the 50mm f/1.4 is not sharp?

Testing out the ringflash. Both had one eye closed LOL!

Group Photo, stolen from George's fb acc... Taken with the X100 awesome results.

So now you can go back up to the top and play the video. It should have finished loading, unless, you have a really slow connection.


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55, 50, Sony DSC-T90]