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Whats for Sunkei Tonight?

The breaking of fast is a time when one enjoys a meal after a day of abstaining from food and drinks. In the month of Ramadan, breaking of fast or as known locally; bersunkei sees families congregating to enjoy the meal together at a place with a view. Where else in the city to enjoy Sunkei Ria at Blue Lagoon at Riverside Majestic Hotel

Compare to the Macam Macam ada mega buffet this is a place which is more relaxed and comfortable. Even tho it does not boast so many delicious items for you to eat, the food here does not disappoint. Still its about 100 varieties of food available for you to choose from.

There is Japenese food, traditional Malay food, Indian food, Steam boat food , roasted food , BBQ'ed food.. and many moar~ There is also a large selection of kuih muih available. I would say let the photo do the talking, but fact is, I arrived kinda late, had a prior engagement so when I reached people were starting to dig in. I didn't have much time to take more photos with my rumbling tummy! So here is what I got! 

I dont know why, I found these so interesting that I shot few shots....

Probably the assortment of colors. 

As you can see, the place is less packed as Grand Margherita Hotel. Its definalty more relax you can have a nice session with your family and friends. While enjoying the fine foods available. Its happening from 1st to 29th of August 2011, at the price of RM 79++ per person.

Riverside Majestic Hotel
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching 
Tel: +6082 247777 (General) / +6082 418911 (Reservations) 
Fax: +6082 425858 (Genereal) / +6082 236041 (Reservations) 
Email: contact@rmh.my (General) / reservations@rmh.my (Reservations)

Good stuff~ 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]




The Original Macam Macam ada buffet

If you have attended it before ITS BACK! if you havent before, ITS HERE! Held in conjunction with the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the massive buffet is back in town from 1st to 29th of August 2011 at Grand Margherita Hotel.

We have had many days of dry weather and would you know it it rained on the day of the launching. Therefore there were heavy traffic and I arrived around 7pm. Suppose to reach at 630 ah! (excuses). Anyways, this year the buffet boasts over 200 choices of food.. really two hundred varieties. I probably tasted like 8-10 items only.

In case you got lost amongst the food, there were signs available to direct you to the right places XD

And because of the of rain, we could not mingle around the Poolside Pavilion which overlooks the Sarawak River. Which made the venue very packed as everyone was trying to avoid getting wet. 

There were so many people and so much food to be had! Did I mention 200 choices? :P Here are some proof

Official opening of the Original Macam Macam Ada Ramadan Mega Buffet by YB Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip

I'm just wondering, why does he has a sakkat on? Hmm... 

Wuih~ familiar face! 

This fellow also very familiar~ 

Anyways the food does not disappoint. Seriously, every item I tried was delicious. Maybe the Air Bandung was less sweet (which was good thing) it was pretty much perfect. 

This was excellent, Penang noodles.

Ju Hu Eng Chai... memang sedap! =.=" 4.5 of 5 star. hehe cannot give perfect score right? gotta give room for improvement xD

Someone's really enjoying her food~ 

So if your in town and looking for a feast, its RM 80++ per person and you will stand a chance to win prizes up to RM 25,000.With the grand prize of a 42" LCD Television plus a fantastic holiday package, inclusive of return tickets for two and accomations. Drop off your gift certificate stub into the Lucky Draw Box at the main lobby.  Weekly draws are done every Monday while the Grand Draw will be on 29th August!

Be sure to book your place to avoid disappointment for the Original Macam Macam Ada Ramadan Mega Buffet at Grand Margherita Hotel. 

Grand Margherita Hotel,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching
Tel: +6082 423111 (General) / +6082 418911 (Reservations)
Fax:+6082 426169 (General)/ +6082 237296 (Reservations)
Email: contact@gmh.my (General)/ reservations@gmh.my (Reservations)


Happy fasting month my Muslim friends! 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]



MBO what are you doing ?

I was looking forward to the movie "The Expendables" which opens on 13th August 2010(friday 13th). So in anticipation I went on 12th to try and purchase the tickets.

As usual I parked my car and then walked up to the cineplex area. When I turn to walk into the main doorway, it was closed and there was a sign on it.

HmmmIt seems they HAD to close for maintenance. I bet tomorrow there will be a flood of people trying to get tickets to the movie. Ugh. If you do not know what is the movie about, well probably you can have a look at the trailer below.

Yeap. That looks pretty interesting right? All those big Hollywood action stars. I wonder why this movie is not getting more coverage, even the vampire movie got more coverage. Is our society turning more metro then macho ? Oh well. That would be a topic for another day. I'm beat, its 2am and I'm still slightly buzzed. Remember to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 





Winning Wine Launching at Grand Magherita Hotel

I was invited by Eileen (Marketing & Communications Officer of Grand Margherita Hotel & Riverside Majestic Hotel[thats a pretty long title]) to have a look at the Winning Wine Launch at the Grand Magerita on the 6th August 2010 at the Rajang Lobby Lounge

rajang lobby loungeI have not been to the Rajang Lobby Lounge since the renovation, I must say I am liking what the management have done so far both at Riverside Majestic Hotel and Grand Margherita Hotel. Cozy and comfortable. 

Let me start off and say that my experience with wine is very limited. Close friends will know I do not drink much of alcohol at all. Further more from past experiences, I could not stabilize the camera when I'm buzzed. Very frustrating ! 

When I got to the venue there were already many press people around. Saw a few friends there and decided to check out whats available.

Wine listPrice looks pretty decent, and with the Privilege Card I think I can get away with another -10% off.

Fruit tartsWine glassesThis is where the live band is on normal daysTaking a peek behind the counterInteresting carrying caseShowcase of the nightChampaignFrom Argentina if I'm not mistakenChandon Shiraz from AustraliaI was trying to get all the G's, green point, the bucket, the guiness behind and there was another G in front. Forgot was using too high dof.Pronouncing the name made me sound more sophisticated? LOL!Natural light, auto white balance. Not bad eh ?Glass display, me likes!Flash it! The guy in blue was is my friend reporter xDBrand Ambassador, W.K. ChongThe Brand Ambassador, Mr W.K. Chong was giving a good presentation of details of the Wine and Champagnes that was being launched. Also recommended us to try the meats / seafood and cheese which was suppose to compliment to bring out the best of the wine. The presentation was good, he knows what he was talking about.

Brand AmbassadorSlidesLooks tasty I think I'll have a sniffMOËT how does that sound?Mr Chong talking about the high of Andes in relation to other places and how it effects the wine productionShould have pumped up the shutter speed here. Oh well.Blogger's gearsBlogger's taking an interest in wineEveningThis is actually beer. Untouched, wine and bubbly was more interesting.Well it didn't stop me from light experimenting on the spot. :)This is me after 4 glasses. Yikes! I think my t-shirt was appropriate Another cool place to chill in Kuching City.So if you feel like your in need of a place to chill and have the urge to have some nice wine, why not give Rajang Lobby Lounge of Grand Magherita Hotel a try. 





Gear: Nikon D300, 17-55mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 10.5mm f/2.8


Last Wesak Day, I was invited to take some shots at a launching of a local band at Garden Hill. The event was suppose to start at 8.00pm but due to the Wesak Day procession, the event was pushed back to 9.00pm. I tried my best and seems like I keep meeting up with a wall of devotees walking creating a super duper long line of people, floats and huge traffic jam everywhere. I had to take four detours to finally reach my destination. =) worth it. The only other photo kaki of mine that went were Micklong and Desmond.

Disabled is a local band which just launched their first EP last week on the 28th May 2010. They launched their First EP at Garden Hill on Wesak Day! Which was produced all by them selves with support from friends and family. 

Souvenir from the bandBack coverSigned Inlet =)

The EP has four tracks (listed below):

  • Come back to me (English) 4:27
  • 一步一步 (Mandarin) 4:47
  • Dreams (English) 5:37
  • No one else 3:54

 Ops, someone turn on the lights please! The last time I was at Garden Hill to cover another local band called Black Alive probably in January of the year.

Here are some snapshot of the night.

Four band membersI have got to say tho, I have never had a 'technical' issue before until that night. Some how I have manage to switch my lens to manual focus. there fore all the cake shots were blur.  It didnt help that the environment was dark, I just assumed that the focus was working as it could capture. Heh! I guess I never noticed that the focus box was missing when it went to manual mode. So... my Auto-Focus was DISABLED. =) sorry guys! 


After a while the band had a rest and another one of the local bands, SLAP! came up to entertain those present with two songs. 

Desmond at the back giving me a light assist, thanks buddy!

After that we retired inside to have some beer and enjoyed the music and left soon after. Headed home, slightly buzzed. It was a good night.