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Whats for Sunkei Tonight?

The breaking of fast is a time when one enjoys a meal after a day of abstaining from food and drinks. In the month of Ramadan, breaking of fast or as known locally; bersunkei sees families congregating to enjoy the meal together at a place with a view. Where else in the city to enjoy Sunkei Ria at Blue Lagoon at Riverside Majestic Hotel

Compare to the Macam Macam ada mega buffet this is a place which is more relaxed and comfortable. Even tho it does not boast so many delicious items for you to eat, the food here does not disappoint. Still its about 100 varieties of food available for you to choose from.

There is Japenese food, traditional Malay food, Indian food, Steam boat food , roasted food , BBQ'ed food.. and many moar~ There is also a large selection of kuih muih available. I would say let the photo do the talking, but fact is, I arrived kinda late, had a prior engagement so when I reached people were starting to dig in. I didn't have much time to take more photos with my rumbling tummy! So here is what I got! 

I dont know why, I found these so interesting that I shot few shots....

Probably the assortment of colors. 

As you can see, the place is less packed as Grand Margherita Hotel. Its definalty more relax you can have a nice session with your family and friends. While enjoying the fine foods available. Its happening from 1st to 29th of August 2011, at the price of RM 79++ per person.

Riverside Majestic Hotel
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching 
Tel: +6082 247777 (General) / +6082 418911 (Reservations) 
Fax: +6082 425858 (Genereal) / +6082 236041 (Reservations) 
Email: contact@rmh.my (General) / reservations@rmh.my (Reservations)

Good stuff~ 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]




The Original Macam Macam ada buffet

If you have attended it before ITS BACK! if you havent before, ITS HERE! Held in conjunction with the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the massive buffet is back in town from 1st to 29th of August 2011 at Grand Margherita Hotel.

We have had many days of dry weather and would you know it it rained on the day of the launching. Therefore there were heavy traffic and I arrived around 7pm. Suppose to reach at 630 ah! (excuses). Anyways, this year the buffet boasts over 200 choices of food.. really two hundred varieties. I probably tasted like 8-10 items only.

In case you got lost amongst the food, there were signs available to direct you to the right places XD

And because of the of rain, we could not mingle around the Poolside Pavilion which overlooks the Sarawak River. Which made the venue very packed as everyone was trying to avoid getting wet. 

There were so many people and so much food to be had! Did I mention 200 choices? :P Here are some proof

Official opening of the Original Macam Macam Ada Ramadan Mega Buffet by YB Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip

I'm just wondering, why does he has a sakkat on? Hmm... 

Wuih~ familiar face! 

This fellow also very familiar~ 

Anyways the food does not disappoint. Seriously, every item I tried was delicious. Maybe the Air Bandung was less sweet (which was good thing) it was pretty much perfect. 

This was excellent, Penang noodles.

Ju Hu Eng Chai... memang sedap! =.=" 4.5 of 5 star. hehe cannot give perfect score right? gotta give room for improvement xD

Someone's really enjoying her food~ 

So if your in town and looking for a feast, its RM 80++ per person and you will stand a chance to win prizes up to RM 25,000.With the grand prize of a 42" LCD Television plus a fantastic holiday package, inclusive of return tickets for two and accomations. Drop off your gift certificate stub into the Lucky Draw Box at the main lobby.  Weekly draws are done every Monday while the Grand Draw will be on 29th August!

Be sure to book your place to avoid disappointment for the Original Macam Macam Ada Ramadan Mega Buffet at Grand Margherita Hotel. 

Grand Margherita Hotel,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching
Tel: +6082 423111 (General) / +6082 418911 (Reservations)
Fax:+6082 426169 (General)/ +6082 237296 (Reservations)
Email: contact@gmh.my (General)/ reservations@gmh.my (Reservations)


Happy fasting month my Muslim friends! 


[Gears: Nikon D300, 17-55]



Délifrance in Kuching

Some would say "Finally" but for me it's just another place to have good western food. Not to say its no good or anything, but it is not on top of my to die for food yet... it has a long way to fight with Laksa, Kolomee, Kampua, Beef Noodles and much more here in Kuching. 

Kinda forgot to take photo of the outlet from the road. Basically its located at the main entrance of the Hills Shopping Mall

Since it's a new place, a number of bloggers were invited to go check it out. Some free snacks where given and heaps of drinks. Someone had SIX hot chocolates! Goodness. And she still wanted more ! 

Signing in~ 

Ladies were given shawl's, nothing for the guys hehe

Baguette's to bring home~ 

Like this display area. 

So we were all squeezed into the BLOGGERS ZONE!!! I guess they didn't expect so many people to turn up.

Sample food! Cannot touch! Cannot eat ah! lol!

The cakes looks delicious!



Many reporters yesterday, many familiar faces.

I didn't know opening of Délifrance required video coverage. Wah! I wonder if I was on TV or not just now!


More mingling ~ Desmond and CK

Dutchez mingling~ 

Didnt know how it happend, when I got back to my seat, I got me an expresso~ nais! 

Then appetizers appeared!

Then some more food decided to appear before us~ lol

Lastly some delicious cake arrived. All the while we were being served with juice and cafine~ oberdoze

some random leftovers of the night!

Everyone is bz with their gadgets

Rose and Yien Yien getting the money shot. 

Yien Yien curi Frankie's camera

Yeah, I'm sure Frankie will be surprise to find whats in his memory card xD

Someone's not paying attention! 


Found this photo in my camera, shot by Raiz the reporter. 

Love this shot, can I claim it to be me shooting, Raiz ? hehe 

Hopefully more and more branded chain's come in to Kuching, so we all can have more choices other than Laksa, Laksa, Laksa, and laksa. xD


[Gears Nikon D300, 17-55]


Business Lunch @ Nu Er Hong

This is way over due... like from 2010! Year end, too many happening things really bogs me down... sometimes. Anyways. Was at Pullman Hotel (Kuching) to try out the business lunch at Nu Er Hong Chinese Restaurant. They had a new chef, and a new menu.

And its only RM 18++ from Monday to Saturday. Where you get 1 appetizer / soup + 1 main course + 1 vegetable. I think its not bad since your dinning at a really nice place and the food is excellent. If your business lunch is kolomee and kopi-o kao then this may not be the best place for you to have your power lunch.

It was actually my first time at Nu Er Hong and I find it to be quiet pleasant. Probably because everything is relatively new and nice.

Basically once you placed your order, from a complex array of dishes it arrives, looking some what similar to this. The order form is like a very complex survey form I got quite confused so I just simply ticked one item from one area LOL! noob.

As there were like 10 of us, it gave us opportunity to take photos of almost 10 different combination of food. Didn't really get to try all of them but from what I gather, it was all good !

One thing tho, as all the dishes were put onto the tray and there were so many of us, it was quite hard to move things about.

Fried RICE! Yummm

This was a signature dish, Golden Sand & Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab.

Pictures does not do this dish justice!


There are two types of dumplings to choose from the “Hot Bamboo Basket” either steamed fish maw dumplings and steamed prawn dumplings with pumpkin.

Ops... siaran tergendala~

I think these are Anna, Eve and Cyril. LOL!

Okay back to business!

Bak Chang aka Chong Zi aka 粽子 ~ was also a side order at Nu Er Hong.

I love this shot a lot... natural side light LOL!

Then there was another must have, Chee Cheong Fun with Duck meat! It is unlike any I have tried as they had a secret ingredient inside. Something very Vietnamese LOL! Ok, it was Vietnamese net. =)

Alicia & Chef Wei Kim Soon

I dont know why he so beh song (annoyed) me lol, not nice meh this picture.

Anyways if you are in town and could not think of a nice place to take your client, and want to try out something new and delicious. Give this place a try~

For more information call  +(6082) 222 888 or visit http://www.pullmankuching.com/


[GEARS: Nikon d300, 17-55mm, 50mm, SB-900]



Fried Rice is Nice

I'm not sure about you but I love fried rice. And I think most people would also love a nice plate fried rice. ;)

Have you ever seen so much fried rice before? hehe Orchid Garden Coffee House at Grand Margherita Hotel is having a promotion called Fried Rice Is Nice. From 1st December till 19th December 2010. As you can see from the picture above, they have TEN different type of fried rice available.

Since there were so many and so few of us, Anna, Rose, and Yien Yien (and Eileen) we chose 6 of the 10 to try. What a filling lunch!

While waiting for the food to arrive everyone was photographing everything nearby and on the table.

Anna's DIY drinkRose's Teh TarikYien's Hot ChocolateI had boring ice lemon tea. :P

Anna having a scary momentTaking pics of what I wonder, Halo halo?Finally the fried rice arrived

Nasi Goreng BarioNasi Goreng IndonesiaNasi Goreng Sumo

Nasi Goreng SarikeiNasi Goren Sarikei, pineapple looked so alien on a plateNasi Goreng MadrasNasi Goreng KepitingWell can you say FRIED RICE IS NICE ?

For more information http://www.grandmargherita.com/gmh/





[gears: Nikon D300, 50mm, 17-55]