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Night Shooter

As some of you may know recently a friend borrowed me a Canon PowerShot G12 for me to try out. Over the course of the week I'll be posting my results of living with the camera for 3 days.


Was testing the miniature effects on the camera. Essentially it speeds up the video and adds blurs either horizontally or vertically as specified by the user.

To create an illusion of miniature effect. Its decieving effective, especially when your shooting at cities from a higher vantage point. In the end as the video shows above, we decided to use it for not what it was intended. xD

It was heaps of fun. Do give me feed back on the video so Desmond continues to be my main actor xD


[GEARS: Canon Powershot G12, Nokia 5800XM]



Black is Black & Oktoberfest

After a heavy meal at Meisan Restaurant at Grand Margherita Hotel we proceeded down to Rajang Lobby Lounge. If you have followed my facebook posting past few days I posted this

Phones were to illustrate the size of the mugs

In conjunction with the oktoberfest, Rajang Lobby Lounge was having a promotion, RM 36++ for a special serving of Oktoberfest Tiger Draught 3pint special edition mug! If you feel like bringing back the mug then its RM56++ and you can bring back the mug! Now that is a steal ! 

Alvin very happy to receive his beer (pazuzushot.com)

Side light from Cyril (cyrildason.com)Beer maid Jimmy (jimmychin.net)Rose ermm doing what she does best (rosewong.com)Cheers!

Black is Black

For October, the lounge is running the Black is Black promotion where you its RM 260++ and you can get one of the 3 exclusive premium gifts. We just took some pictures of it, didn't get the try it out. Big beer mugs were way more interesting xD

I think this was the best shot of the lotBack to more drinking of beer ! 

Jason also drop by our table and kacau ah lost a bit kekeke

Someone tried to drink water, and it got taken away!no comment!After a while everyone was trying to measure the mug xDLooks like we got rivalry going on ! *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

hahaha ! Good times! 


Cheers all! 


[gears: Nikon D300, 17-55mm, 50mm, Sony DSC-T90] 


Gourmet October at Grand Margherita Hotel

It seems that Grand Margherita Hotel (GMH) is pulling all the stops for this month of October. If you are like me who enjoy Chinese Barbecue or as GMH calls it "XAO LUCK" you should head to Meisan Restaurant

Oven Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Roll

Oven Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Roll

Oven Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Roll

Before we get any further, the dishes were from two restaurants in GMH, namely Meisan Restaurant and Orchid Garden Coffee House. So if you see anything that is Char-broiled its from Orchid Garden Coffee House, from their STEAK YOUR CLAIM menu! Its happening for both lunch and dinner from Monday to Thursdays, try and catch me there ! If its anything Baked, or Roasted its from Meisan Restaurant's XAO LUCK menu. 

Char-Broiled Elephant Rib

I never heard of Charbroiled (shame on me, must get out more) before so this is what I found out from Wiki, the dictionary of the world

Charbroiling refers to grilling on a surface with wide raised ridges, to the point of having the food slightly charred in texture. This is often referred to simply as grilling in most places outside the US. The phrase "put it in the broiler" is translated as "put it over/under the grill."

Nevertheless this dish is as Eileen put it, sinful

Char-Broiled Elephant RibThe meat was soft and juicy. Excellent !

Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss 'Cantonese Style'I could not decide which photo I like better, the one above or the one below. haha ! 

Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss 'Cantonese Style'Well I wish the background was better, but we do what we can.

Roasted Duck Fillet & Duck Floss 'Cantonese Style'Roasted Chicken Fillet on Prawn CrackersRoasted Chicken Fillet on Prawn CrackersRoasted Chicken Fillet on Prawn CrackersChar-broiled Fillet SteakChar-broiled Fillet SteakChar-Broiled T-BoneChar-Broiled T-BoneSarawak Black Pepper Sauce, Homemade BBQ Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Dijon Mustard, and English Mustard

Exclusive for the readers, if you want to enjoy the nice food don't forget to copy down this code "OCTPROMO10" and quote it to get 10% off the Xao Luck Fest & Steak Your Claim orders! 

See you at GMH!



Air Itam Famous Duck Rice

Ken and Yenly picked me up just now around midnight and we headed off to tapao (take away) some supper.

Ken brought me to a Famous Air Itam Duck Rice stall. Arrived there and saw that there was a queue a the stall. We were probably the 5th in line. Even then it took us about 15 mins before it was our turn to place the order.

Pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90.

Ken waiting in line.

3 persons working at the stall but some how its was still slow. xD

I have never seen a stall where there is a Please Queue sign before. Penang was definately interesting place. Anyways we went back to Ken’s place and I just had the duck rice.

Its delicious and not really too salty. Jessica says another place better. ah… to me its good enough.

But RM 3.50 for such a small packet… MmMmmm can la… acceptable for supper in them middle of the night xD

Time to rest up for another day in Penang!