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Installing Canon Digital Photo Professional without CD for Mac

Unfortunately I do not have the CD and very interestingly you can only get updaters from Canon's websites and not the installers. That basically means you have to have a pre-installed application such as Digital Photo Professional (DPP), EOS Utility, or Picture Style editor installed on your system before you can install any other software updates.

So this post is to guide you on how to install the software on your mac, but use at your own risk, as I will not be responsible for anything that happens to your computer or camera :P not that anything would but still its your choice to try it out or not.

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Light the way

For the past few months I have been using the OEM replacement head lamp on my Celica with a cheap 4300k HID lamp. 

Here was one of the videos of the HID in action. heh. I have since taken them off and replaced with Philips Power2Night lamps.

Actually I like the HID color a lot but because of the design, its light rays were all over the place, blinding all traffic in front of me. And being a responsible person, thats why I reverted back to the normal headlamps after a few weeks of fun. 

[Gears: Sony DSC-T90]


Upgrading to 500w

As I have already upgraded the graphics card 4850 last month. I actually was looking to upgrade the RAM. But I was fairly worried about the PSU(power supply unit) that I had in the system. I suspected that it was under powered with the 4850 drawing so much power.

So I went online and got me a Corsair CX500 for RM 225.00 excluding shipping. 

I transferred the money to the seller on Friday. But he could not send it on Saturday as the postal services were off on the first Saturday of the month. So he sent it on Monday, and I recieved it yesterday just as I got home, POSLAJU also arrived. Good timing.


This is a very basic PSU, with two years warranty.

Manual, power cable, cable ties, screws and a badge.

Sleeved mess.

Both sides has the CX500 sticker.

Rear of the PSU.

At the bottom of it was a large exhaust fan.

This was on the other side.

Comparing with what I had, I was pleasantly surprised that I got something half decent long ago. At least it was able to work the 4850. Without crashing or something sinister :P

Octopus mess.

At the end of it I had to swap out another casing which I happen to have lying about in my "tech" room. The other antique casing which I was using, the screw locations wrong. Which meant installing it backwards with the exhaust fan facing the roof of the casing. Lucky for me this casing I had had extra exhaust fan, which I have been meaning to install too. Totally forgot about it. 

All in all RM spent, after two upgrades RM 430.00+